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Well, Finally I have a use for newgrounds now, I guess I can start by posting some sprite animations, I'll get into drawing later, but until then, any voice actor realm here?

As all of you may know, Edd Gould died this pass Sunday on the 25th, He was the creator of Eddsworld a show that I have come to love for many years and at which at times of extreme sadness or just feeling down or low brought me back in a happy mood, his videos had a humor which I really don't find in any other animator nowadays, It's hard to explain because whenever I compare a video with one of Edd's there both entertaining but Edd's had a difference which I always came back to saying it was better. he made his own style of animating in his animations I loved it and was at the highest joy whenever he released a new video. I view him as a animating pioneer, he's made animations since 2003 and ever since then they evolved and get better, funny then the last none of his animations I found boring or bad all of them were good natured humor that didn't need cursing or dirty humor in it, which I always liked with Edd he made it great and awesome without using what most animators use today he was very unique. In the video that told everyone he passed, it was said he saw this cancer as an inconvience, something that got him in the way of animating and bringing this to his fans, he was really dedicated to bring this to us he enjoyed making us this videos, from this I imagine Edd being a extremely kind person even though I never met him, I kinda felt like he didn't want to so the show anymore because people kinda bothered him but in more recent times I started to see that this was his passion bring his art to us, even when he had his cancer he was still working going at it so he can release his art to us at any cost. It's still hard to believe he's gone, he was a person who I watched for years and many other person did too, he also was a inspiration to me because he made making videos on the internet fun and exciting and worthwhile, because of all the people he made happy I wanted to that and I'am now, He inspired to go back to animating and making videos and I'll forget that or him. Thanks Edd for all the years of videos you brang all of us all the years of happiness though your comics and videos, it's really sad your gone, but you left us a legacy of videos, and when you final project you made comes by I know I'm going to enjoy it. As I said he inspired me to make videos because he made it fun to do, even animating which I'm doing but never posted, but since he's gone I wanna make a tribute video for him, an animation

Edd Gould 1988-2012,